Kudos to Dennis Schultz: I came to Dennis at the end of the semester, a busy time for all, and asked him to help me make a video for the NMC Foundation. Dennis went above and beyond in getting me the finished video in a timely fashion, and a production of high quality. Thanks Dennis!

Kudos to Kristy McDonald: Kudos to Kristy McDonald and the BUS 231 Class for a successful Big Little Hero Race! The race was well organized and well attended with many kids (and adults) having a great time! Well done!

Kudos to Wayne Moody: Kudos to Wayne Moody and the Auto Tech program. Wayne invited businesses to attend the semester end Auto Tech BBQ this week. Several businesses attended and interviewed many of the Auto Tech students for jobs. What a great opportunity for both students and the businesses searching for trained staff. Well done!

Kudos to Tracy Welch, Kristy McDonald, Brandon Everest and Kari Kahler: Kudos to the organizers and presenters involved in the Experiential Learning Symposium last week. What a wonderful success. Special thanks to Tracy Welch, Kari Kahler, Brandon Everest and Kristy McDonald for the behind the scenes work. Bravo!

Kudos to Kyle Morrison: Thank you to Kyle Morrison for all the tech support and assistance with the First Annual NMC ELI Learning Symposium. His “can do” attitude was amazing and helped make the event successful!

Kudos to Kari Kahler: Congratulations to Kari Kahler for putting on an amazing Student Leadership Luncheon during the ELI Learning Symposium. Her extra efforts to recognize student leaders on campus was heartwarming and inspiring!

Kudos to Jeremy Heinlein: Jeremy Heinlein assisted Kari Kahler in organizing and running the Student Leadership Luncheon during the NMC ELI Learning Symposium. Jeremy’s enthusiasm and communication skills made the event exciting and fun for everyone to celebrate the leaders on campus. Thank you and congratulations!

Kudos to Brandon Everest & Kristy McDonald: Thank you to Brandon Everest and Kristy McDonald (Co-Directors of the ELI) for their commitment to celebrating student learning and growth through the First Annual NMC ELI Learning Symposium. Their vision to create an event that embraces student learning and showcases the talent at NMC is invaluable!

Kudos to Cindy Deemer: Cindy gathered a team of volunteers, planned and put on a fantastic graduation event that spanned 6 hours between the 3 ceremonies. In between she found the time to feed the volunteers with salad and goodies she made herself and purchased pizzas for all as well.
The event location at the Dennos was perfect and Cindy’s organization made things run so smoothly. And of course she did it all with a smile. She coordinated an event that was special to students and their families.

Experts suggest maintaining an “attitude of gratitude” increases positivity for yourself and for others. Please encourage your colleagues by submitting a KUDOS. Let them know you appreciate their hard work and are thinking of them!