KUDOS- (praise or respect that you get because of something you have done or achieved) defined by Merriam-Webster.com

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Kudos to the Entire Math Department:  Michigan Tech has stated that their transfer students from NMC are the strongest math students that come into their programs. Great work Math Department!

Kudos to Student Life & Teams that put together Food Pantry:  Discreetly helping the students so their need is never questioned or challenged. Treating students with dignity so they can seek out help they need without stigma or judgement.

Kudos to Student Life – Enrollment Services:  Kudos to everyone involved in creating and supporting the Food Pantry. This team of people work behind the scenes to support our student in a discreet and open manner, treating all students with dignity and respect. Students feel welcome to utilize the food pantry at NMC. Thank you for all of your work to make this happen.

Kudos to Wayne Moody:  I called Wayne and asked him for help with a student who lived in Kingsley and was not able to drive to class on days when it snowed due to bald tires. The student was getting a 4.0 and completing an honors project in my class, she has three children and cares for her husband who is a veteran. I told Wayne the story and within 24 hours she had a brand new set of snow tires donated from Randy’s Old Town Tires and had his students put them on for her! 
Wayne you are amazing! Thank you for your help in showing one of our students that they matter and that we want them to keep learning!