Kudos to Hollie DeWalt:  Hollie went above and beyond in helping me navigate a difficult situation during the process of retirement from the college. I really appreciated having a trustworthy, dependable employee advocate to go to. Thank you Hollie!

Kudos to Dave Weaver:  Dave and the” IT Team” have been a valuable and consistent resource for technology assistance throughout my time here at Northwestern Michigan College. I really appreciated the quick and thorough answers offered, and the willingness to work with the Macintosh environment.

Kudos to The Educational Technology Team: they have been quick to respond to the changing needs of faculty for as long as I have been at Northwestern Michigan College. From the time when Bob Chauvin led the department, with many of the same techs that work with Kyle Morrison, I have always been impressed with the awesome support from this department. Thank you, folks!

Kudos to Fred Cook:  Fred Cook has been an awesome team player and quality individual as part of the Great Lakes campus team. Kind, considerate, and willing to help. I appreciate Fred’s enthusiasm and hard work, as is evident in the appearance of the GL campus. I really appreciated the number of times he opened my office door when I inadvertently locked my keys inside. Thanks Fred! And thank you for always having a kind or encouraging word.

Experts suggest maintaining an “attitude of gratitude” increases positivity for yourself and for others. Please encourage your colleagues by submitting a KUDOS. Let them know you appreciate their hard work and are thinking of them!