An automated external defibrillator is located in the following locations:

Main Campus

  • Dennos Museum (in closet near Wm RR)
  • Scholars Hall (Outside of Social Science Office)
  • Osterlin Library-Near Center for Learning
  • Tanis (Outside of Cashier’s Office)
  • Health Services Office
  • Beiderman (near elevator)
  • Health/Science (Welcome Center)
  • Founders Hall (next to FH106)
  • West Hall (across from restroom)
  • East Hall (Lobby)
  • Fine Arts (near men’s restroom)
  • Beckett (in front of JB149)
  • Oleson Center (main lobby)
  • Phys Ed Building (Outside of the gym)
  • Facilities (Lobby)
  • Campus Safety Truck (48)
  • Campus Safety Truck (33)

Great Lakes Campus

  • In main lobby behind the front desk

University Center

  • In lobby by front desk

Aero Park Campus

  • Parsons-Stulen (In lobby by restrooms)
  • Aero Park Labs (near lobby doors)
  • Auto Tech (near room 103)
  • Aviation (near lobby)

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