If you were an employee enrolled in the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan plan through NMC between 2015 – 2019, you likely received a postcard in the mail from BCBS.  If you plan to submit a claim please use the instructions below to obtain your Enrollee ID Number.  NMC Group ID is 007040422.

Call the BCBS Customer Service Number – 877-671-2583.   When you get to the phone triage, respond that you are “Already a Member” and when they ask for the Enrollee ID,  respond that “you don’t have it”.

Once you get to a Customer Service Rep,  you may be asked for some other information such as birth date or address just to confirm your identification.   Let them know that you need to know your member ID from when you were enrolled with them. We used BCBS medical from 2015-2019.