Mary Jo Elliott in the Science and Math Academic Area and the Human Resources department are being honored with kudos this week. Read the reasons below!

Honoree’s Name: Mary Jo Elliott
Honoree’s Dept./Division: Science and Math Academic Area
Reason for Kudos: Mary Jo recorded a presentation for the Board of Trustees on how student engagement is encouraged through online chemistry! The presentation was thoughtful, inspiring, and a wonderful example of how innovative and talented our faculty are! Thank you, Mary Jo, for taking the time to educate and share your expertise around chemistry and online learning!

Honoree’s Name: Human Resources Dept.
Reason for Kudos: From March to May, Human Resources and the Business Office collaborated to utilize our agile new payroll software to responsibly track employee leave time related to the pandemic (Covid-19 time, Paid Sick Leaves, etc.) This required a thoughtful setup, designing ADP’s leave banks, earnings codes, and other parameters and guidelines for employees on how to track this time. That administrative work has reaped major benefits for NMC. Because HR clearly communicated and employees effectively tracked the Covid-19 time, NMC is eligible for grant funding and will recover the wages they paid employees during this time which otherwise may not have been fully recovered.

Honoree’s Name: Human Resources Dept.
Reason for Kudos: Human Resources assessed and streamlined an onboarding task requiring employees to sign up for direct deposit upon hire. Employees who do not enroll in direct deposit in time for their 1st pay are issued a pay card through ADP. In the first six months using ADP, Payroll issued 96 pay cards. In the last six months, Payroll has not issued any pay cards (zero), meaning 100% of newly hired employees signed up for direct deposit timely. Thank you for looking at a process and finding ways to ensure our employees are paid timely and effectively! This also reduces Payroll’s processing time each pay.

Experts suggest maintaining an “attitude of gratitude” increases positivity for yourself and for others. During our “Stay Home, Stay Safe” directive, please encourage your colleagues by submitting a KUDOS. Let them know you appreciate their hard work and are thinking of them!