Hawk Owl Helper logoNMC student and Sierra Motel ownerCulinary student Elyce Newcomb (right, on the right) found many helpers and heroes in her first month at NMC, from Chef Les Eckert at the Great Lakes Culinary Institute to the Office of Student Life.

Newcomb, 19, needed short-term temporary housing in September. After an arrangement with a friend fell through, she feared she might have to leave her classes or live in her vehicle until her apartment was available. Eckert and and the Student Life office got her gas cards to go home to Sault Ste Marie for Labor Day weekend. When Newcomb returned, they had found a room at the Sierra Motel, a stone’s throw from main campus. Tom’s gift cards helped with groceries.

Newcomb stayed there for 18 days. As a thank-you, she brought lunch from her classes to the motel owners. (Motel co-owner Conie Duimstra, with Elyce in the photo, asked if she could come to Elyce’s graduation.) Now settled in her apartment, Newcomb is focused on her goal of graduating and working as a cook aboard a ship.

“I’m really thankful for NMC and my chefs, and the Student Life Center; they’ve literally changed my life,” Newcomb said.

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