Personalized success coaching at NMC

Erica Whiting (pictured below, right) was NMC’s first full-time Student Success Coach and a winner of the 2022 Ombudsman award at Michigan’s College Access Impact Awards.

Whiting’s AmeriCorps-funded position allowed NMC to step up coaching in December 2020, after beginning it as a pilot project in 2015. Success coaches function as an all-around go-to person for students, connecting them to campus services that they might not otherwise be aware of while helping them with their study skills, time management and stress reduction. 

Increasing the number of students using coach services is an objective in NMC Next, NMC’s strategic plan. More than 80% of Whiting’s coaching cohort persisted during her tenure, setting a great example for others to follow. While her term at NMC recently wrapped up, the impact she had on the lives of students carries on. 

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Esports teams reach playoffs

It’s playoff time for NMC’s esports! NMC’s Rocket League and Halo Infinite teams have reached the playoffs, which begin this week. 

This is the second year of NMC’s Esports program, led by Terri Gustafson, Director of Educational Media Technologies.

“The varsity esports program has created student engagement by creating a sense of belonging at NMC. Students have developed new friendships with their teammates and feel like NMC is more than just a place to attend classes”, says Gustafson.

Student athletes receive scholarships for their participation in the league each semester while growing their skills in communication, teamwork, collaboration, critical thinking and time management. 

Esports have gained popularity at the collegiate level and the creation of a varsity league at NMC is another way for the college to distinguish itself as students choose where to pursue their post-secondary goals. It currently has one of the biggest memberships out of any social group at NMC and is the college’s first intercollegiate team in decades.

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NMC Instructors raise awareness for homelessness and provide relief for food insecurity

Experiential Learning Institute co-directors Brandon Everest and Kristy McDonald each led a signature EL project this month. Everest’s was the 7th annual Walk for Hunger and Homelessness Awareness which drew several dozen participants to downtown Traverse City last week to gain perspective on homelessness in the region and what service providers are doing to mitigate these issues. McDonald led the Food for Thought project, which collected food and funds to provide 150 Thanksgiving meals for students and community members.

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NMC instructor receives grant aimed at increasing Michigan’s early childhood workforce

Early Childhood Development program coordinator Chery Bloomquist received a $12,000 grant as part of the Caring for MI Future initiative.  

Funded by the American Rescue Plan, the grant seeks to increase the number of students receiving the Child Development Associate credential while ultimately increasing Michigan’s early childhood workforce. 

This grant supports the objective outlined in initiative 4 of the strategic plan as the college works to advance community engagement, economic and workforce development and innovative opportunities for lifelong learning.

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NMC highlights programming at MSTA meeting

MSTA meeting25 members of Michigan Science Teachers Association participated in meetings and a campus tour on Saturday, November 5. They started their day at the Hagerty Center and explored the Water Studies Department, GLMA, Environmental Studies, Anatomy and Physiology and Science Labs. The meeting stemmed from a partnership with MSTA as part of an effort to bridge the high school to college transition while showcasing science programs in the area. We are grateful that NMC instructors Tiffani Wilke, Dan Zassick, Kirk Waterstripe and Tammy Coleman took the opportunity to highlight NMC’s programming to the MSTA.

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Changes to the nursing program will address regional workforce shortage

Stephen Siciliano and Tamella Livengood have spearheaded NMC’s effort to establish a BSN program on campus. We appreciate their ongoing efforts to help address the nursing shortage in northern Michigan and make healthcare more easily accessible for our community.

NMC has issued a Request for Information (RFI) for an ADN to BSN articulation agreement. Proposals are due November 14, 2022. A partner is expected to be identified by mid-December.

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Textbook heroes offset book fees

There are over 40 courses at NMC where instructors use open educational resources (free and low-cost textbooks) which has saved students an estimated $230,000 this semester alone and almost $3 million since 2015. Thank you for helping to offset these costs so that education can remain affordable and accessible to our community.

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CIE and PDI help make October Conference possible

The Center for Instructional Excellence and the Professional Development Institute have planned a full day of programming for NMC Next: Unlock your Full Potential, NMC’s 7th annual October Conference. Thanks to their coordination efforts, employees at NMC have an opportunity to invest in their personal growth so that we can continue to implement the college’s mission. This event wouldn’t be possible without their efforts as well as the contributions of each presenter — the college appreciates your willingness to share your insights, processes and new technologies available to us so that we can better serve our learners.

October Conference kicks off at 8 a.m. tomorrow in the Milliken Auditorium with light refreshments, a welcome and a keynote address. The day closes with the first annual faculty and staff kickball game in the softball field by the Fine Arts Building. View the complete list of scheduled programming here.

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GLCI scores with Red Wings

Kudos to the GLCI team for keeping the Detroit Red Wings fueled throughout their training camp. The Performance Dietitian for the team was so impressed with the service that GLCI provided that she personally reached out to President Nick Nissley to share her appreciation.


Constitution Day hero

Hawk Owl logoThank you to Social Sciences Instructor John Zachman for hosting a Constitution Day event to celebrate the 235th anniversary of the foundational document. Democracy in a Politically Polarized America: How Can We Find Common Ground? will be held at 3 p.m. Tuesday, Sept. 20 in the Osterlin Building. Beginning at 10 a.m., you can also register to vote in the Osterlin Building Lobby, through  the League of Women Voters.

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NMC Information Security

Hawk Owl logoThank you to NMC’s Information Security team for their ongoing efforts to keep NMC’s networks safe, and for training NMC employees on how to spot phishing attempts and other digital threats. At a time when other colleges have been knocked offline by phishing, malware and ransomware attacks, the team’s vigilance is much appreciated.

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Hawk Owl Café staff

Thanks to the Hawk Owl Café staff for nourishing the NMC community and congratulations to Matt King for his new role at NMC as the Head Chef of the café.

The students, faculty and staff at the college appreciate having a place on campus to refuel and the variety of affordable, fresh options that are available. The service that you provide makes our lives are a little richer, our brains a little sharper and our bellies a little fuller.

The Hawk Owl Café is open daily from 11 a.m.–6 p.m. View the menu here.

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Upcoming programming from the Great Lakes Water Studies Institute and Marine Center

Thank you to Great Lakes Water Studies Institute and the Marine Center for their efforts to close the skills gap in Northern Michigan, helping to position the region as a global leader for freshwater business development and research. Learn more about the important work they are doing by attending the Blue Economy webinar on September 8 and Lakebed 2030: Mapping the Great Lakes Conference from September 28-30.

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Welcome Week Volunteers

Thank you to the many Welcome Week volunteers who will be helping our resident Hawk Owls move in later this week and become adjusted to campus life at NMC as well as the faculty and staff across the college who are working hard to prepare for the beginning of a new school year.

2022 Welcome Week kicks off on Wednesday, August 24. The complete event schedule can be found on the 2022 Welcome Week page.

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Michigan Reconnect milestone

NMC’s Enrollment Services has helped more than 300 adults over the age of 25 return to NMC to finish their degree or start for the first time through the Michigan Reconnect program.

Michigan Reconnect provides free in-district tuition and reduced out-of-district tuition for adults who are 25 years or older and don’t have a college degree or GED.

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BSN Program Development

Kudos to Director of Nursing Tami Livengood and Vice President for Educational Services Stephen Siciliano for their work planning a bachelor’s of nursing degree pathway. Following passage of enabling legislation in July, NMC plans to apply for a $2 million state grant to administer a partnership with one or more four-year universities that would allow students to complete their BSN on NMC’s campus.

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