NMC continues its commitment to making meaningful change in the areas of diversity, equity and inclusion at our College and providing you with updates on that work.

This summer the College created a new Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee. The committee is proud to announce the following chairs and advisors of the subcommittees:

  • Employee subcommittee
    • Hollie DeWalt – co-chair
    • Brie Mills – co-chair
  • Community subcommittee
    • Nicole Speelman: co-chair
    • Nicco Pandolfi – co-chair
  • Student subcommittee
    • Sarah Montgomery-Richards – advisor
    • Sally Smarsty – advisor
    • (student co-chairs to be determined)

These chairs and advisors will be seeking applicants for those students and employees who want to help advance this important work by serving on the subcommittees. Please watch your email for more information on how to apply for these opportunities to serve.

The NMC DEI Committee will continue to update you on progress and action related to efforts of making our College and community a more diverse, inclusive and equitable place to learn, work and live. If you have any questions please email dei@nmc.edu. Thank you for your continued support.