In the event of an emergency, all employees and students will follow the Emergency Notification Process:

Initiating the Campus Response

Any person on campus may initiate an emergency call to 9-1-1 at any time. The emergency may also be initiated by immediate contact with a faculty or staff member, who will then call 9-1-1 and begin the emergency response notification process.

The campus Emergency Management Plan will be activated on the basis of that call or contact. Police, Fire, or Public Health authorities will respond to the emergency and will take overall incident command. It is the purpose of the campus emergency plan to ensure the safety and well-being of the entire NMC community. The emergency call begins NMC’s direct action in that regard.

  • Emergencies will normally begin with either or both:
    • Call to Campus Security 995-1111 or 9-1-1
    • Contact with staff or faculty for assistance
  • Faculty or staff so contacted will call Campus Security 995-1111 or 9-1-1
    • Facilities will automatically be contacted if the call has been made on a NMC landline
  • Campus Security will confirm the emergency call
    • Campus Security takes campus Incident Command
    • Incident Commander will assess the emergency
  • Based on the assessment of the Incident Commander, he/she will
    • Deal w/ the emergency appropriately

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