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Kudos to: Linda Berlin, Nate Butler, Tammy Coleman, Cindy Deemer, Lindsey Dickinson, Steve Drake, Mary Jo Elliott, Mike Franklin, Bobbi Jo Garner, Mike Jacobson, Tony Jenkins, Blake Key, Greg LaCross, Janet Lively, Tamella Livengood, Brie Mills, Todd Neibauer, John Pflughoeft, Deb Pharo, Shannon Schultz, Stephen Siciliano, Mike Skarupinski, Jay Smith, Nicole Speelman, Beckie Wooters Jane Zlojutro, Trisha Smrecak, Jason Teichman, Justin Kress, Johnny Jones, Nick Nissley.
When a medical emergency resulted in the canceling all of my astronomy courses this spring, these people stepped in an assisted in helping; well above and beyond any Mission, Vision, and Values statement.
Some of them assisted in relocating nearly 70 NMC students into other science courses, 24 of those students had scheduled to graduate this spring. These students were trusting NMC to fulfill their commitment to student success: this group of people helped to hold up that trust. Some of them drove me to the hospital and doctors, others brought me meals and groceries, shoveled snow, allowed students to enroll late into their courses and worked with those students to bring them up-to-date with their new course. Assisted in finding new courses and offering late-time starts to meet the needs of students. Others visited me in the hospital and made sure that my needs were met.
To this list, and there are many others not on this list that helped… “You were there when I needed you the most. You were there for my students, for NMC’s students, for all the NMC community. Thank you does not say enough.”
I truly work with the greatest group of people on the face of this planet.

Kudos to Kyle Morrison:  After 6 p.m., for one class meeting, Kyle helped me set up three different ways to deliver content to our students. The first was with six in class guests. The second, was with Zoom for a guest at UBC in Vancouver, BC. And, the third was with Zoom for a guest in Ann Arbor at U of M. I then facilitated all of the platforms for our in-class students and guests. It was seamless.
I dare say, this is extraordinary for a rural community college.
Kyle deserves a kudos not just because of his mastery of the technology, but because of his can-do attitude. He is a joy to work with and always supports my creativity and content. Our students benefit. Additionally, all of the guests were thoroughly impressed with NMC.

Kudos to Cathy Warner: We should all take a moment to read the heartfelt post from Dr. Cathy Warner to her students. She speaks to much of what makes the faculty at NMC so amazing — honesty, respect and bravery — all through the lens of this challenging, and quickly changing landscape.
Her words are helping me find new focus and are a reminder of why all of our work on behalf of NMC is so important!