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Kudos to Hagerty Center Staff Krystle, Trish, Christine, Christel, Graham, Kristen, Lauren Marchany Lauren Marolf, Dominique, Kayla, Abigail, Leeland and Brenda: The Hagerty staff was stellar in helping NMC Extended Education host it’s annual Festival of Foods event at the Great Lakes Campus. The staff went above and beyond to help make this great foodie event a huge success. Together we hosted 90 attendees, 16 instructors, and many teaching assistants and volunteers. Thank you for being so fabulous!

Kudos to EES Staff Kristy Jackson, Kathy Gest, Jacqueline Ewing, Elizabeth Sonnabend and John Plough: Kristy Jackson went above and beyond when she orchestrated her second annual Festival of Foods event at the Hagerty Center on Saturday, February 1st. Not only did she work with 16 different instructors to create 16 unique sessions for our learners, (from Coffee: Achieving Higher Grounds; to Cajun Creole; to Gnocchi from Scratch) but she also trained a fleet of volunteers, collaborated with the Hagerty staff, and added unexpected touches for attendees like morning coffee, NMC tasting glasses and cool swag bags! Way to partner with the community and deliver high quality (and delicious) content to our learners. Thank you Kristy, Kathy, Jacqueline, Elizabeth and John for hosting this Saturday event!