Dear Staff,

Thank you for your input and involvement at our last Staff Council forum in November; we found it very insightful and informative, and hope that you also found it beneficial. As it is our goal to facilitate a culture of transparency and communication, your Staff Council would like to invite you to attend our next all-staff forum Thursday, May 9 at 3 p.m. in the Scholars Hall auditorium (SH 109).

At this forum, we will review the following topics:

  • The Experiential Learning Institute (Brandon Everest & Kristy McDonald)
    • Staff’s role in the EL process, areas of application and participation
  • Benchmarking updates (Mark Liebling)
    • Plus staff compensation questions and concerns
  • Presidential search committee and updates
  • Professional Development
    • Staff-specific professional development ideas
  • Feedback to the Staff Council
    • General Q & A
    • Thoughts about holding future Staff Council forums on other campuses

We on the Staff Council look forward to seeing you there.


Staff Council

Dan Goodchild, Chair
Lisa Thomas, Vice-Chair
Kevin D’Alessandro, Secretary
Steve Kellman
Sarah Mavis
Heather Robinson
Hollie DeWalt, At-Large Member
Chad Schenkelberger, PBC Rep.
Judy Arnold, Policy Council Rep.
Mark Liebling, POC