Blue Cross Participants- Don’t miss the chance for a $50 Prepaid Gift Card!

Deadline is May 31, 2019.

Two easy steps:

1: Complete the online Health Assessment- The health assessment guides you through a series of questions to help discover why it is important to make healthy choices. The health assessment can be completed in as little as 10-12 minutes. After you complete the health assessment, you will be provided with a picture of your current health including any health risks.

2: Visit your doctor and have them complete the Qualification Form– The Physician Health Screening (Qualification Form) helps you establish a relationship with your primary care physician to identify health risks, and to use that information to improve your health. As part of your visit, your physician will complete the Qualification Form with you. You or your physician’s office may return the form for processing. However, it is your responsibility to ensure the form is returned on time.

Access the Qualification form here.

To access the information simply log into your BCBSM webpage- choose the Health and Wellness tab- WebMD- Take your Health Assessment. Additional information can be found under the Rewards Tab.

Random Acts of Kindness

Click here to access the 2019 Random Acts of Kindness Calendar or here to view the presentation! Challenge yourself to choose an act every week this year!

Wellness Email Distribution

Would you like to be added to a Wellness email distribution list?  Marissa often has wellness resources she would like to share with employees, but we realize not everyone wants extra email!  If you would like to be added to the list, simply email Hollie at and ask to be added.