KUDOS- (praise or respect that you get because of something you have done or achieved) defined by Merriam-Webster.com

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Kudos to Roy Bartle & Sodexo Staff for contributing to the success of the NMC Fall Conference by creating and serving the delicious continental breakfast and lunch buffet that facilitated a collaborative and engaging event!

Kudos to Alice Sluss for her assistance and support with the NMC Fall Conference. Thank you!

Kudos to Linda Glaesmer and the Custodial staff who coordinated, delivered and set up all the tables & chairs to create a welcoming lunch space for the NMC Fall Conference.

Kudos to Ryan Bernstein and Mark DeLonge for their creativity, hard work and significant time spent creating the awesome materials for the NMC Fall Conference. Their hard work and dedication to this day is greatly appreciated!

Kudos to Kristi Hallett for all her time and work scheduling rooms in multiple buildings and coordinating the setup for the NMC Fall Conference! Thank you!

Kudos to Megan Heator for her assistance with hosting the NMC Fall Conference and to TJ Hall for his time and expertise running the tech for the opening session.

Kudos to Ann Hosler and Carrie Dunklow for their help with the Fall Food Finale at the NMC Fall Conference.

Kudos to Kyle Morrison for all his time and effort capturing the NMC Fall Conference photos! We appreciate your skills and willingness to support the day through photography!