KUDOS – (praise or respect that you get because of something you have done or achieved) defined by Merriam-Webster.com

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Kudos to Justin, Mark and Ryan in Educational Media Technologies- they went over and above to help me-frequently answering my questions by walking over to my office on their lunch or even on the weekend. Of course, when I had a concern, it was often due to a mistake I made, or put me in a state of “emergency.” These three gentlemen helped me not only fix the problem, but to understand it. I appreciate their patience and am grateful for their kind help.

Kudos to the NMC Grounds Team:  A very special Kudos to all on the NMC Grounds team that have responded (sometimes in very short order) to assist us at the Museum with moving heavy crates or installing heavy sculptures on a number of occasions so far this year. We could not do it without your support and we thank you for responding to our requests for help.