A Lockdown Alert is issued to temporarily restrict movement on campus during a situation that could potentially endanger the welfare of the college community.

Situations may include an:

  • Intruder
  • Incident involving a violent or criminal act
  • Active shooter or
  • Hostage situation

A Lockdown is used when it may be more dangerous to evacuate a building than stay inside. Building exterior doors will be secured to prevent entry.

When notified of a Lockdown:

  • Remain indoors and secure the entrance to your classroom or office
  • Seek concealment away from windows and doors
  • Turn off lights
  • Close the blinds
  • Place cell phones on “vibrate only” and silence other electronic devices
  • If you are in a hallway or a general open area, move into an enclosed room and secure the entrance
  • Remain in a secure room until you are notified by the Office of Safety and Security, College officials, fire/rescue, or police that the situation has been resolved
  • During the incident, the College will provide updates through its multiple communications methods
  • If you are outdoors, immediately take cover
  • If you are commuting to a campus and receive a Lockdown alert, remain off campus until notified the situation has been resolved

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