Operational continuity is a second, but critical, priority. As initial responses are completed, Emergency Management Team staff will focus on operational continuity planning by developing an assessment of damage, program disruptions, and other continuity problems. As the complete assessment emerges, Emergency Management Team staff will identify and recommend the most effective recovery plan for the College. If possible, academic programs and basic services will be resumed immediately.

These basic services include:

  • Housing;
  • Facilities repair and recovery;
  • Information systems;
  • Utilities (i.e., power, water, heat, gas); and
  • Key business functions that support teaching and learning.

Suspension of Programs

Academic programs and other College activities will be suspended only if necessary due to direct disruption or hazards on campus. The decision to temporarily suspend activities is the responsibility of the Policy Team, based on recommendations from the Incident Commander with input from the appropriate Emergency Management Team. If programs must be suspended, they will resume as soon as conditions permit and only at the direction of the Policy Team.  If suspension of academic programs is necessary, basic services for resident students and emergency personnel on campus will be continued. If necessary, alternative staffing and operating locations will be arranged to allow essential services to continue.

College Communications

The Executive Director of Public Relations, Marketing and Communications will serve as primary coordinator of public information in a major emergency situation, assisting the Policy Team in gathering key information and disseminating it.

Key priorities will be:

  • Communicating accurate information to the public, which will help prevent the spread of rumors; and
  • Providing timely status reports and announcements to the College community.

A representative of Public Relations will report to the Emergency Operations Center in an emergency situation to gather information, reports, and recommendations on the status of the Campus from the Policy Team.

The Executive Director of Public Relations, Marketing and Communications will provide updates on the status of the campus to media to ensure accurate information is disseminated regarding the campus.

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