Kudos to Maria Ulrich. Maria took care of a messy incident that occurred during a concert. It was far outside her job description, but she dealt with it quickly and efficiently with what she had on hand.

Kudos to Charles Macphee, Hollianne McHugh, Jim Bensley, Marina Call, Kristy McDonald, and Brandon Everest. Thank you to Jim Bensley and Marina Call for offering the Study Abroad Panel, and to Charles Macphee (EGY 105), Hollianne McHugh (MFG 203), Brandon Everest (SOC 201), and Kristy McDonald (BUS 231) for opening up their student presentations to NMC and the community for the 3rd Annual NMC ELI Learning Symposium. Their students did an outstanding job of representing themselves and NMC through the various presentations.

Kudos to Caroline Schaefer-Hills, Glenn Wolff, Laura Korch, Brady Corcoran, Amber Marsh, and Terri Gustafson. Thank you to the following NMC faculty and staff for helping recruit students to share at the Reflective Table Talk session at the 3rd Annual NMC ELI Learning Symposium. Caroline Schaefer-Hills brought her VCA Studio Class to discuss their non-profit work, Laura Korch recruited students to share their ceramics work, Glenn Wolff brought a student with him to share details from their Ex Libris project, Amber Marsh recruited an honors student to share her dance project, Brady Corcoran recruited Audio Tech. students to share about the rave they sponsored and Terri Gustafson recruited E-Sports members to share about their experiences. It was awesome to hear their reflections and passion for the learning they do at NMC!

Experts suggest maintaining an “attitude of gratitude” increases positivity for yourself and for others. Please encourage your colleagues by submitting a KUDOS. Let them know you appreciate their hard work and are thinking of them!