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Open to Anyone with connections to the topic:

    • Creating DEIB Learning Opportunities for Employees
    • Increasing and Expanding Dual Enrollment and Early College (Lisa vonReichbauer) 
    • Neurodiversity Support Center: Empowering Minds, Embracing Differences (Nancy Gray) 
    • Creating new Experiential Learning Opportunities and improving your existing ELOs. (Brandon & Kristy) 
    • Expanding NMC’s Partnerships – throughac you! (Jennifer Hricik)
    • Automation of AP Processes (Create Paperless Workflows for Forms and Signatures) (Lindsey Lipke)
    • Developing an Informed Withdraw process (Alyssa Irani)  
    • Program Marketing Strategies for Nothern Michigan (Ed Bailey)
    • Thinklocker: Using the Perceptual Learning Application (Tom Gordon) 
    • NMC’s Future Learning Management System: Student Success as Instructional Design (Terri Gustafson) 
    • Creating a student space (Hollianne McHugh)
    • Writing Across the Curriculum (Melissa Sprenkle) 
    • Beautification and Restoration of the Tanis building and surrounding grounds. (Todd Haines) 

Closed/Pre-identified teams with connections to the topic groups with:

    • Increasing Student Engagement and Belonging within the Business Division (Lisa Balbach) 
    • EES Prioritization of Portfolio Segments & Timeline Alignment (Laura Matchett)
    • USCG Approval Process Jerry Achenbach) 
    • Create a desmos activity repository and create rubrics for departmental final exams (Tony Jenkins) 
    • Design and implement a construction trades curriculum with emerging technologies (Carolyn Andrews, Dan Goodchild)
    • Accreditation Dental Site Visit Walk Through (Beckie Wooters)
    • National Nursing – Tina Rayfield Workshop Part I (Tami Livengood)
    • Brainstorm Events Coordinator for the Museum (Megan Holtry)
    • Financial Aid Workflow Mapping – internal and external (Linda Berlin)
    • Innovation in project management for enrollment marketing (Diana Fairbanks/PRMC)
    • Surgical Technology Lab Structure/Simulations (Breana Goodell)
    • Academic Area Office Managers Processes (Margaret Fox)
    • Promotional Project Builds for NMC Makerspace (Keith Kelly)
    • Introduction to Environmental Science course development (Robb Houston)
    • Rethinking recruiting & examining potential transfer agreement partners for the Fine Arts & VisComm (Glenn Wolff)
    • Emerging EV Battery Technologies & integration (Jeff Morse)
    • Course-based Undergraduate Research Experiences (CUREs) in Biology (Nick Roster-Science)
    • Helping Students Learn: Physics (Mike Franklin)
    • Communications Department Outreach and Marketing to Area Majors (Sarah Wangler-Communications)


For questions, email Janet Lively or Lori Hodek.