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Please review the timelines for goals and performance evaluations:


Adjunct Performance Review Timeline (Spring 2023)

May 12 Adjunct writes self review
June 26   Academic chair/reviewer writes review
June 26 Manage meeting reviewer
June 26   Acknowledge meeting; sign off electronically (both)


Faculty Performance Evaluations Timeline

April 24 Faculty current year goals (2022-2023) due in NEOED Perform
May 1   Supervisor approves current year goals in NEOED Perform*
May 26 Faculty self-evaluations due*
July 24 Supervisor evaluations finalized & meetings conducted*
July 31 Goals plans available to add new faculty goals (new)
Sep. 15 All faculty annual goal plans submitted to supervisor*
Oct. 13   Annual plan goals approved by supervisor*
Oct. 13   Faculty begin working on goals*


Staff MyPDCA Performance Review Timeline

April 24 Staff current year goals (2022-2023) due in NEOED Perform
May 1   Supervisors approve current year goals in NEOED Perform*
May 26 Staff self-evaluations due
June 23 Supervisor evaluations finalized & meetings conducted (forms signed by supervisor and employee)
June 23 Staff goal planning meetings completed
June 24 Staff goal plans available (bew)
July 21 Staff goal plans due to supervisor (electronically)
July 28 Supervisor approves staff goal plans
July 28 Staff begin working on their new goals


For additional support, please enter a HelpDesk ticket at helpdesk@nmc.edu under NEOED/SilkRoad or email hr@nmc.edu.