Kudos to Ben Post, Dan Gentry, Paul Martin and Lisa Molmen! The Information Technology Services, Systems and LAN Management, and Educational Technology teams have worked together to develop the Moodle integration with Lumens. This was a large undertaking that has been in the works for about a year. The integration to Moodle allows Extended Education students the same access to the online learning classrooms in Moodle that credit students have. This enhances the delivery of joint offerings (NMC credit classes offered through Extended Education without the credit or need for the community member to apply to the college). A huge thank you to Ben Post, Dan Gentry, Paul Martin and Lisa Molmen!

Kudos to Sally Smarsty! Thank you to Sally, her team, and the students who coordinated the Gala to Give. Extended Education is honored and humbled by the generosity of these people and the community members who attended. They raised $5,000 in College for Kids scholarships that will impact many families this summer, making fun, educational, summer learning experiences available to more students who face financial challenges. A sincere and heartfelt thank you!

Kudos to Shelly Grant, Joy Goodchild and Elizabeth Sonnabend! Shelly Grant and Joy Goodchild led the development of a database query that pulls the program data necessary to meet the Pure Michigan Talent Connect requirements. The Michigan Training Connect (MiTC) is the state’s official eligible training provider list and this database will allow NMC to quickly add programs. Entry on this page allows Michigan Works! and other state agencies to pay for training at NMC. This provides the workforce development training necessary for the region’s economy. Without these listings, NMC would NOT be listed as a provider, reducing our visibility to the community. Currently listed programs include Aviation, Engineering, Welding, Nursing, eldercare, heavy equipment and many more. Elizabeth Sonnabend played two pivotal roles. She drove this action through the strategic plan. More importantly, she has added and troubleshot programs, has served as a liaison with the State of Michigan/Michigan Works! and has also showed others how to use the system. This was a true team effort to provide the data collection necessary to implement these new programs and maintain existing ones. Michigan Works! has mentioned NMC’s efforts many times as our programs help drive their success.

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