Kudos to Brittany Hanbury, Charles Schneider, Sage Campbell, Sally Smartsy and Landon DeHeer for hosting a Thanksgiving dinner in the Timothy J. Nelson Innovation Center for NMC students on Thursday, November 24, 2022!

Kudos to Scott Powell for a great reflection of your experiential learning work in this month’s ELI Newsletter! Great work around reflection, Scott!

Kudos to Bob Bugai and Reese Sivek for providing a metal strapping lesson while repacking/strapping a very large and incorrect shipment. Additionally, the melting snow allowed Reese Sivek the opportunity to unload a truck full of tables on the Dennos’ loading dock and put them back in NMC storage. Thank you for all you do.

Experts suggest maintaining an “attitude of gratitude” increases positivity for yourself and for others. Please encourage your colleagues by submitting a KUDOS. Let them know you appreciate their hard work and are thinking of them!