It’s playoff time for NMC’s esports! NMC’s Rocket League and Halo Infinite teams have reached the playoffs, which begin this week. 

This is the second year of NMC’s Esports program, led by Terri Gustafson, Director of Educational Media Technologies.

“The varsity esports program has created student engagement by creating a sense of belonging at NMC. Students have developed new friendships with their teammates and feel like NMC is more than just a place to attend classes”, says Gustafson.

Student athletes receive scholarships for their participation in the league each semester while growing their skills in communication, teamwork, collaboration, critical thinking and time management. 

Esports have gained popularity at the collegiate level and the creation of a varsity league at NMC is another way for the college to distinguish itself as students choose where to pursue their post-secondary goals. It currently has one of the biggest memberships out of any social group at NMC and is the college’s first intercollegiate team in decades.

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