Kudos to the GLCI team for keeping the Detroit Red Wings fueled throughout their training camp. The Performance Dietitian for the team was so impressed with the service that GLCI provided that she personally reached out to President Nick Nissley to share her appreciation.

“My name is Lisa McDowell and I am the team performance dietitian for the Detroit Red Wings and Grand Rapids Griffins. I am writing on behalf of the Detroit Red Wings to inform you of the tremendous work your team has done. It truly takes a village to pull of our training camp.

Your team, lead by Patty Cron-Huhta took on a Herculean task to prepare delicious, nutritious home-made food from scratch. I’ve seen many training tables around the nation, as I am responsible for being a superfood hunter on the road. Some of the finest hotels in NYC, Chicago, LA, etc. cannot hold a candle to your team. 

This relationship began 10-years ago and continues to be the highlight of our player’s time in Traverse City. We bring 68 players to Centre Ice Arena every September to help our coaching staff select our NHL and AHL teams.  Of course, these are big, strong, and some still growing men with enormous appetites, discriminating routines and their performance depends on glycogen repletion daily. We also feed our training staff, coaches, and executives. Of course, they all appreciate delicious food. I would love to share more if you are interested. I took pictures and notes of things that knocked our socks off. I am thinking you would beam with pride if you saw them in action.

Your culinary team has been nothing short of outstanding. Patty has worked harder than anybody I have ever seen. She leaves no detail to chance and forecasted numbers and servings like a true genius. She wrangled your expert chefs to help, and some of these chefs simply volunteered their time because they are incredible people and love their profession. And the result – delicious, fresh, creative, nutritious, beautiful menus that dazzled all of us.

Julie Sheerin has also volunteered and has proposed creating a sports nutrition certificate as the demand for performance chefs is growing as more athletes are willing to invest in prolonging their careers by honing in on specific ingredients that help with recovery, performance and injury healing, I have worked with other sports chef programs and can confirm this leads to stellar recruits and future star chefs. 

I have the greatest gratitude for Chef Bob and Patty! They are both experts in their field as well as friends of the Detroit Red Wings and will do anything to help our team succeed. I wish you had the opportunity to see your whole team in action, the details of the menus, and the warm smiles and menu explanations offered to our team. 

The lemon panzanella salad, warm apple crisp with Vanilla Bean Moomer’s ice cream, and Traverse city salad will remain my favorites!

Two of your chefs made over 100 omelets in 90 minutes! Unreal talent.

Thank you for the support of our camp!”

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