Smart Commute Challenge

June 4-8, 2018

Smart Commute Week is an annual celebration held during the first week of June. The week consists of events that promote cycling, walking, taking the bus and carpooling. Smart Commute is for everyone. Free daily breakfasts are hosted at various locations around town for smart commuters.

Every year community members challenge each other to a friendly competition known as the Smart Commute Week Challenge. Last year NMC came in 7th and we hope you join the team this year and help us reach the top!

To join, fill out the brief Google Doc form here.

Wellness walks at all 4 NMC Campuses- Don’t miss it!

Join Chris Barr for a brisk walk around your campus- only a 15 minute commitment!

Monday, May 21, 2018:

10 a.m.- Main Front Street Campus– meet in the lawn in front of Founders Hall

12 p.m.-Parsons Stulen– meet in front of the main entrance to the building

1 p.m.- University Center– meet at the front entrance door under the green sign (Business Office, Human Resources, Extended Ed)

2 p.m.-Great Lakes Campus– meet in front of the main entrance to the building

Hit Your Stride Challenge Wrap Up

Although the challenge wraps on Friday, May 11, you have until May 16 to be sure all of your steps are entered and accounted for!  It is recommended to log into you Blue Cross site to be sure the automatic counting is correct. Those using the Google Tracking Sheet should finalize their information by May 16 as well. 

Winners will be announced by the end of the week!

Position Vacancies & Supplemental Employment

Are you looking for career opportunities? Find them here! Current openings include:

Position Vacancies

  • Lead Accounting Assistant – Bookkeeper
  • Flight Instructor – Adjunct Faculty

  • Clinical Nursing Adjunct Faculty

  • GLMA Adjunct Faculty

  • Surgical Technology Adjunct Faculty

  • Chemistry Adjunct Faculty

  • Developmental Math Adjunct Faculty

  • Math Adjunct Faculty

  • Electrical Instructor

  • HVAC and Plumbing Instructor


Supplemental Employment

  • Technology Support Assistant

  • Custodian

  • Banquet Server – Hagerty Center

  • Banquet Cook – Hagerty Center

  • Kitchen Steward – Hagerty Center

  • Summer Conference Crew

  • Test Proctor

GRASP Reading and Math summer program – Grades K-8

The GRASP reading and math program, offered through Extended Educational Services each summer, helps maintain these critical skills.

GRASP is an at-home program for students in kindergarten through 8th grade. Students complete one lesson a week and then mail it to reading and math teachers who review, score and return each assignment. The GRASP teachers recognize the flexibility of a student’s summer vacation, allowing the family to mail each lesson from anywhere their summer travels take them.

The price is $75 for one subject ($85 after May 16), or $129 for both subjects ($139 after May 16). Staff tuition waivers apply ($35 for one subject; $49 for both). Partial financial assistance is available for those who qualify.

To register or to learn more about the GRASP program, download the registration flier HERE or call NMC-EES at (231) 995-1700.

Emergency Management: Operational Continuity

In the event of a major emergency, after the initial responses are completed, Emergency Management Team staff will focus on operational continuity planning by developing an assessment of damage, program disruptions, and other continuity problems. As the complete assessment emerges, Emergency Management Team staff will identify and recommend the most effective recovery plan for the College. If possible, academic programs and basic services will be resumed immediately. (more…)

Math Bootcamp

NMC’s Student Success Center will be holding two Math Bootcamp sessions this summer, June 18-22 and August 6-10, 9 a.m.-Noon. Math Bootcamp is a five-day intensive math refresher course taught by NMC faculty that helps prepare students for placement testing or their next math class. 70% of students who complete math bootcamp improve their placement an average of 1.5 levels!

Interested students can sign up by contacting the Student Success Center at (231) 995-2134 or

Training Services May 2018 Newsletter

Read about what our Training Services team is up to including upcoming classes that you may be able to take for free using the tuition reimbursement benefit:

This month’s topics include the Michigan Lean Consortium’s 8th Annual Conference, connecting workers with autism to competitive jobs, two area companies on the “To Watch List,” upcoming workshops, and more!

Wellness walks at all 4 NMC Campuses- Don’t miss it!

Join Chris Barr Monday, May 7 for a brisk walk around your campus- only a 15 minute commitment!

  • 10 a.m.- Parsons Stulen– meet in front of the main entrance to the building
  • 12 p.m.- Main Front Street Campus– meet in the lawn in front of Founders Hall
  • 1 p.m.- Great Lakes Campus– meet in front of the main entrance to the building
  • 2 p.m.- University Center– meet at the front entrance door under the green sign (Business Office, Human Resources, Extended Ed)

Hit Your Stride Challenge Update

5 Teams with the highest number of steps:

  • Cold Cuts and Mayo
  • Low Motivation 1 forward 2 back equals 3
  • Johnnie Walker Black
  • The Walkers
  • Running Mammas

5 Individuals with the highest number of steps:

  • Jason Smith
  • Trisha Strahan
  • Scott Herzberg
  • Deb Pharo
  • Caroline Schaefer-Hills

A shout out to all participants!  Keep on stepping- the challenge wraps up on May 11, 2018!


KUDOS – (praise or respect that you get because of something you have done or achieved) defined by

Submit a Kudos here.

Kudos to Ryan Bernstein, Justin Guillard, Dennis Schultz, Kyle Morrison and Chris Hanna:  The members of this team made something wonderful happen for my students. For our last few classes, with new panels of guest speakers, this team made sure that I was able to film/record the speakers. In the last year, important speakers to our class, have relocated out of the area or have died. Their important contributions have not been lost due to these recordings. This team had to run back and forth to their department to get the exact equipment the speakers needed and to problem solve a few technical issues. They did so with grace, speed, humor, willingness and skill. I’m so grateful for their support. The community member speakers and students were extremely impressed.



President’s Update for April 23, 2018

Thank you all for everything you do in pursuit of “Keeping Learning at the Center.”

Notable Accomplishments provided by Faculty and Staff

This section recognizes the good work being done and linkages to the Strategic Directions (SD) and Institutional Effectiveness Criteria (IE) are provided where possible.

  • Math Instructor Deb Pharo presented at the International Conference on Technology in Collegiate Mathematics in Washington, D.C. in March. (IE1)
  • The Public Relations, Marketing and Communications team earned the highest national honor from its professional organization for our publication Nexus. The National Council for Marketing and Public Relations awarded Nexus the gold level Paragon for its strength in telling NMC success stories to a broad audience with a compelling visual presentation. (IE3)
  • Facilities worked with Munson Daycare representatives, Cornerstone Architects and State Fire Inspector to formulate a plan to move the NMC Daycare from the Oleson Center to the PE building. (IE2, IE3, IE4, IE5)
  • Alexandra Briggs, a liberal arts student at NMC, was named Michigan’s 2018 New Century Scholar, the top community college student in the state. (IE1)
  • In keeping with our donors’ wishes, the NMC Foundation has established two new endowed scholarships for NMC students: The Raymond and Julie Dean Scholarship for science or mathematic students. And, the Jerry Brief and Barb Largent Brief Scholarship for alumni of St. Francis High School. (IE2)
  • Congratulations to NMC Audio Tech Student Chris Reid on his acceptance to Grand Valley State University in their Film and Video Program. Chris has also been awarded several scholarships: the Stehouwer Family Scholarship, the Patricia & Gene Wolff Memorial Scholarship, and the Jane M. & Chester R. Jones Scholarship. Additionally, Chris has created a weekly video series called “Music Monday” in which he interviews bands and talks about music that has been a big influence on him. (IE1, IE2, IE3, IE4)
  • Congratulations to NMC Music Student Michael Robens on his acceptance into the music program at Western Michigan University. Michael will continue his music studies as a Jazz Major in WMU’s highly competitive Jazz Program—one of the best in the country. Congrats Michael! (IE1, IE2, IE3, IE4)
  • Congratulations to the NMC Choreography and Performance Dance Class, and their instructor, NMC Faculty member Dorothy Eisenstein, who participated in a collaborative project with guest art therapist, Sylvia Walworth. This mask-making project integrated aspects of mask, movement, and metaphor, and will be presented in an upcoming performance. (IE1, IE2, IE3, IE4)
  • Congratulation to the NMC Jazz Lab and Jazz Big Bands, and their director, NMC Music Faculty member Laurie Sears, on two amazing performances in March. Both performance were exceptionally received, and helped promote NMC and the NMC Music Department. Bravo to Laurie and members of our jazz bands! (IE1, IE2, IE3, IE4)
  • Bravo to the NMC Dance students, and their instructor, NMC Faculty member Dorothy Eisenstein, on their concert of dance entitled “Imagine Dance” in April. The concert featured choreography and performances designed by NMC faculty and students. Enthusiastic audience members were treated to: modern dance, improvisation, hip-hop, and partner dance that was presented through solo and ensemble forms. Congrats Dorothy and the NMC Dance Department! (IE1, IE2, IE3, IE4)
  • Bravo to NMC Music Faculty members: Jeanmarie Riccobono, Scott Sorenson, and Dorothy Vogel who performed with the Traverse Symphony Orchestra on Sunday, March 18. This powerful concert featured the music of Daugherty, Shostakovich, and Beethoven. (IE1, IE2, IE3, IE4)
  • Congratulations to NMC Faculty member Jerry Young (adjunct instructor of tuba) who has been appointed Interim Director of Development for the International Tuba – Euphonium Association. His review of the new release of a compact disc recording of euphonium and trombone solos by Henry Charles Smith appeared in the winter issue of the ITEA Journal. (IE1, IE2, IE3, IE4)
  • Congratulations to NMC Faculty member Dorothy Vogel who performed a cycle of concerts with the members of the Cummings String Quartet. Performances included concerts at Cordia at Grand Traverse Commons Chamber Music Series in Traverse City, Circle of Arts in Charlevoix, and Music from Park Church Mid-Day Series in Grand Rapids. (IE1, IE2, IE3, IE4)
  • Congratulations to NMC’s Director of Music Programs, Jeffrey Cobb, on the premier of his latest composition, “The Promise of Peace” at Carnegie Hall in early April. The piece, which was a collaboration between Jeffrey and his poet wife, Laura, was commissioned for a large choral festival of high school students from around the nation. Jeffrey was also the guest conductor and clinician for the event. (IE1, IE2, IE3, IE4)
  • 11 student volunteers participated in the NMC Foundation’s annual Student Phone-a-thon on March 15. Students thanked donors for their past gifts and ask them to renew their support. Student callers earned $10/hour for their student group. During the event, students learned about the NMC Foundation, philanthropy, and fundraising. They also practiced marketing, communication, and letter-writing skills. Students asked donors to renew their support to NMC’s Annual Fund, which supports every student, every day at NMC by supporting the college’s greatest needs. (IE1, IE2, IE3)
  • Thank you to the faculty, staff, students, donors, and NMC representatives who made the 26th annual Scholarship Luncheon so meaningful. We came together to celebrate donors to NMC and everything their support makes possible for our students. Many student scholarship recipients got to meet their scholarship donors! We heard wonderful speeches from two students about the tremendous impact of receiving scholarships. We also heard from Janet Jackson, former faculty member and Director of the Health Occupations Division at NMC. In 2014, Janet and her husband Ron established the Janet and Ronald Jackson Nursing Scholarship Fund. She shared how much NMC means to her family and why she established a scholarship fund. (IE1, IE2, IE3, IE4)

Activities of Note: Tim

  • Chris Bott and I attended the MCCA Spring Board of Directors Meeting at Glen Oaks Community College on March 22-23. A highlight of the meeting was a presentation on the talent ecosystem in Michigan by Lee Adams from the Upjohn Institute where he discussed the three pillars of labor supply—talent attraction, retention, and development.
  • A team from NMC traveled to Chicago for the second Business Innovation Factory (BIF) Design Sprint. The AQIP Experiential Learning Team felt the sessions were very beneficial and are motivated to continue implanting this initiative at NMC. The presentation on this topic to the Board at their April 23 meeting will be available on the Board materials website.
  • While in Chicago I also attended the President’s Program of the HLC Annual Conference. Next month our HLC liaison, Dr. Linnea Stenson, will be visiting our campus in preparation for our March 2019 peer review visit.
  • I was also able to spend an evening with NMC student attending the concurring SGA Leadership Conference, also in Chicago.
  • Thank you to all who were able to attend the Taste of Success on April 6 at the Hagerty Center that benefits the NMC Great Lakes Culinary program. The event was a great success and I believe a good time was had by all!
  • The college celebrated with past and new retirees on April 11, as well as honoring faculty and staff service awards. This is a special event to celebrate the wonderful talent NMC offers through faculty and staff. Congratulations to the Foundation Excellence Award winners Linda Racine, Coordinator of Program Advancement for Lifelong and Professional Learning; and the Food Pantry Founding Team of Lisa Thomas, Paul Kolak, Tarah Elhardan, Alice Sluss, Kristy McDonald, Brandon Everest, Lisa Blackford and Robert Scott.
  • Thank you, also, to those available to attend the annual scholarship luncheon. This is always a heartwarming event that provides the rare opportunity for donors and student recipients to get to know one another and hear the wonderful stories of each.
  • This past Saturday I, along with many NMC employees and students, as well as community members, participated in the Big Little Hero Race organized by students of Kristy McDonald’s as an experiential learning project. Thank you to all who were part of this worthwhile event and learning project

Legislative Issues


  • The State legislature has returned from its spring recess and quickly gotten back to work on the Fiscal Year 2018-2019 budget. Just prior to the spring break, the House Appropriations Community Colleges Subcommittee met and approved its version of the bill, which included an overall 1% increase for colleges to be distributed through the performance funding formula. Last week, the Senate Appropriations Community College Subcommittee met and also approved a 1% increase. For NMC this would equate to a .9% increase over last year’s levels and provide a total appropriation of $9,594,200.
  • On Thursday, April 19, NMC participated in the MCCA’s Community College Legislative Day at the capitol in Lansing. During this event we met with our state elected officials to continue our ongoing discussion of the importance of investing in community colleges.


  • Prior to the federal Easter in-district work period, Congress passed the FY2018 Omnibus Appropriations Act, which provides funding for the federal government through September 30, 2018. Both U.S. Senator Debbie Stabenow and U.S. Senator Gary Peters voted in favor of this bill, with Congressman Jack Bergman voting against. The bill includes a $175 dollar increase in the maximum Pell Grant for the upcoming year, which will positively impact our students. In academic year 2016-17, there were 1,510 NMC students receiving Pell Grant support, which represents 29.5% of our unduplicated student population and totals over $5 million dollars. Also of importance in this legislation was a doubling of the federal funding for the Great Lakes Maritime Academy. The bill included $1 million dollars for the Academy, which will enable NMC to improve the ship’s docking area by installing mooring bollards and mooring fenders. The legislation also includes funds to ensure Academy cadets who volunteer to serve in the U.S. Navy after graduation, will continue to receive an annual stipend of $8,000. We appreciate Senator Stabenow and Senator Peters for their support of this bill and these important programs.
  • NMC was honored to host U.S. Senator Debbie Stabenow on April 4 as she convened veteran service and resource organizations from the region for a veteran roundtable discussion. Participating from NMC were Todd Neibauer, Vice President for Student Services and Technologies, Scott Herzberg, POC for Military and Veterans Services, and Scott Fairbank, Director of Maritime Admissions. The discussion was wide ranging but included points on the effectiveness of the GI Bill and suggestions on how to better give college credit for military service. We appreciate the Senator holding this roundtable discussion at NMC and hope that the information shared was valuable to all who attended.


  • Honors Convocation—May 4 at 4:45 p.m. at Milliken Auditorium, Dennos Museum Center
  • Commencement is May 5, 2018, at 2:00 p.m. at Traverse City Central High School
  • GLMA Graduation Dinner—May 5, 2018 at the Hagerty Center. Reception at 5:30 p.m. Dinner at 6:30 p.m.
  • NMC BBQ is on Sunday, May 20

Success Story: White Pine Press alumnus is Michigan’s Journalist of the Year

April 25, 2018

White Pine Pres alumnus Garret EllisonReporter Garret Ellison atop the Mackinac BridgeMLive environmental reporter Garret Ellison, a 2006 NMC graduate, has been named the 2017 Michigan Journalist of the Year by the Michigan Press Association.

Ellison, 35, was cited for his “watchdog work” on issues of water use and Great Lakes protection, which reaches a reported online audience of 11 million readers a month. MLive also feeds seven Michigan newspapers.

He says he found his career calling at NMC, after he started publishing photos in the White Pine Press. His writing was “good enough” but it was the timing that was perfect for the 2001 Traverse City West High School graduate, who found himself in the editor’s role when the rest of the staff graduated and longtime faculty advisers retired.

“We decided to redesign it and re-imagine some of the coverage scope,” Ellison said of himself and then new adviser Kim Schneider.

“I wouldn’t be where I am now if I hadn’t had the opportunity to helm the White Pine Press in the way I did,” Ellison said. “The White Pine Press was where I learned to be a journalist.”

He still uses those lessons, particularly the instinct to follow his own initiative, on the environmental beat, where he transitioned from business in 2014.

“I always wanted to be an investigative reporter, and I didn’t see much of a path to doing that covering business,” Ellison said. “At the time I didn’t have much environment experience (but) nobody was tasked with covering environment from a statewide perspective.”

It made sense for him to try since he was based in Grand Rapids, MLive’s biggest city. The condition of Enbridge’s Line 5 pipeline under the Straits of Mackinac was becoming a bigger issue, so Ellison started paying attention to that. At an editor’s suggestion, he started looking into Nestle’s groundwater withdrawals in northern Michigan. Then came legacy contamination, Superfund sites and more.

“You start looking for meatier angles to stuff,” said Ellison, who views investigation as his obligation. “We serve the public. As members of the press, we are uniquely resourced to hold power to account. That, I think is the ultimate point of having a free press.”

Ellison imparts that message to his own students, too. In addition to his daily reporting for MLive, Ellison is now an adjunct journalism instructor at Grand Valley State University.

“It’s a little weird. I’m not so far removed from being on the other side of the coin there,” said Ellison, who went on to Central Michigan University after NMC.

“I really feel a lot of value in the community college experience, and I’m grateful the institution was there for me,” he said.

Families Against Narcotics Chapter Launch/Judge Linda Davis Event

Families Against Narcotics was formed in 2011 to help communities bring awareness and solutions to the opioid epidemic. Support group meetings for the growing number of persons and families struggling with addiction issues, and those who have already lost loved ones, include resources for treatment and prevention. 

The event will take place June 21, at Traverse City’s Central United Methodist Church from  5:15 – 8:00 p.m. Our keynote speaker will be Judge Linda Davis, founder of F.A.N. She is also the Chair of Governor Snyder’s Opioid and Prescription Drug Task Force and has been called to the White House several times to consult with the President’s Commission on Opioid Abuse. She is a dynamic speaker and we are hoping that she will rally our community around F.A.N. and a new program she launched last year, Hope Not Handcuffs, which focuses on getting addicts into treatment. Our law enforcement agencies will be meeting separately with Judge Davis on Friday morning after the event to discuss Hope Not Handcuffs and how it can work in our community.

Blue Cross Online Visits Available NOW

How does it work?

Blue Cross Online Visits is fast and convenient. There’s no cost to enroll and no monthly fee.

Here’s how you sign up:

  • Mobile – Download the BCBSM Online VisitsSM app
  • Web – Visit
  • Phone – Call 1-844-606-1608

Add your Blue Cross or Blue Care Network healthcare plan information.

What medical illnesses can be treated online?

When you can’t get to your doctor’s office, you can talk to an online doctor about minor illnesses such as:

  • Sinus and respiratory infections
  • Cold and flu
  • Painful urination
  • Eye irritation or redness
  • Sore throat

If your life is at risk, please call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room.

What behavioral health concerns does online visits address?

You can speak with a therapist or psychiatrist if you’re struggling with challenges such as anxiety, depression and grief. Therapists use talk therapy, while psychiatrists manage medications.

Do I need to make an appointment?

Medical care is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week without an appointment. Behavioral health visits are available by appointment only.

  • Therapy is available from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. for adults and children 10 and over.
  • Psychiatrists set their own hours and some may also offer evening or weekend appointments. Visits are for adults age 18 and over.

How much does it cost?

Medical visits are $49 or less, based on your cost share. If you have a plan with a copay, it’s generally equal to or less than what you pay for a primary care office visit. Costs for behavioral health visits vary depending on the type of provider and the services you receive. Your cost share is based on your existing outpatient behavioral health benefits.

What if I need help with my online visits account or an online visit?

If you have questions or need help with your Blue Cross Online Visits account or an online visit, please call 1-844-606-1608, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.