New International Affairs Forum Director position

NMC’s Human Resources department has posted a 1/2 time position for Director of the International Affairs Forum (IAF). NMC and the IAF have been working during the last year on an organizational merger that would formalize our support for the program. Funding for this program will come from a combination of IAF funds and NMC’s Strategic Fund over the next three years as the program’s business model develops under this new format. The new position will report to the Vice President for Lifelong and Professional Learning during this development period.

This is a great opportunity to continue the growth of NMC’s global initiatives. Please contact Marguerite Cotto at with any questions. Learn more about and apply for the position here.

Benefits Open Enrollment

Window is open from November 14 – November 28

Cigna Guided Solutions for enrollment

Cigna Guided Solutions customer service can be reached at 603-314-6099.

If you are a benefited employee you must go into the system and enroll~ Please let Hollie know if you have any questions.

Wellness Updates

Welcome NMC’s new Well-Being Coordinator from Blue Cross 

Marissa Jarrett


Marissa’s BIO can be seen here

November Wellness Newsletter is here

Health Savings Account Adjustments

Just a reminder that if you contribute money from your paycheck into your Health Savings Account, you are able to adjust those contributions throughout the year. So, if you want to make adjustments after compensation letters have been received, all you have to do is send an email to Hollie DeWalt at


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Wellness Updates

Farewell to Chris Barr

We had some news from Blue Cross last week and have learned that Chris Barr is no longer going to be working with NMC.  A disappointment for us, but a promotion opportunity for Chris within Blue Cross, so great news for him!

We will be meeting with his replacement soon and sharing their information with all of you.


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Wellness Updates

Thank you for participating in the READY SET MOVE challenge this year! The challenge was to average 30 minutes per day of exercise time, over a 26 day time frame! That’s an average of 780 minutes. Here are our challenge champions!

David Hosler– finished with the highest number of minutes at 8297, and the winner of $100 VISA Gift Card!

Exceeded the Challenge Minutes!

  • Rorie Kawula
  • Cathy McCall
  • Lisa Eiden
  • Lisa Rollin- $50 Visa Gift Card- Random Draw
  • Sharryl McCready- $50 Visa Gift Card- Random Draw
  • Marcus Bennett
  • Fit 4 Life
  • Lindsy Lipke
  • Trisha Strahan
  • Donna Palmer
  • Cheri Paul- $50 Visa Gift Card- Random Draw
  • Chad Schenkelberger- $50 Visa Gift Card- Random Draw
  • Tricia Stevens
  • Krissy Steinebach