Join students from Northwestern Michigan College and Universidad de La Salle (Bogotá, Colombia) this Friday, June 24 from 3:30–4:30 p.m. in the Timothy J. Nelson Innovation Center (Room 106) as they share perspectives gleaned as part of the Bridging Waterways Across the Americas educational exchange program.

Bridging Waterways Across the Americas student presentation poster

This program has paired students and faculty from the two universities for a semester-long virtual course culminating in a bidirectional international exchange trip that sent an NMC cohort to Bogotá and brought a La Salle cohort to Traverse City for twelve days each.

The focus of the program has been to engage students and faculty in the sharing of knowledge and culture toward a deeper mutual understanding of both the Rio Teusacá and Boardman River watersheds. On Friday they will share reflections on their experiences, as well as a special puppet show they created as a tool for community environmental education intended to inspire stewardship of fresh water resources.

Hope to see you there!