The Employee Group of the NMC Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Team will serve the DEI core team. The Employee Group will work to promote and engage employees in expanding knowledge of and opportunity with diversity, equity, and inclusion.

The Group’s broad charge is to initiate, foster, coordinate, evaluate and effectively communicate the diversity, equity and inclusion activities of the College through initiatives and events that support the goal of enhancing the environment for diversity, equity and inclusion within employees and extending to the college. The employee group will also take the lead in addressing areas of need and concern for NMC employees.

Currently, we are working on gathering information on our current state of diversity, equity and inclusion. Thank you if you completed the recent climate survey that was sent out. We are working on summarizing the responses, so a NMC action plan can begin to take form. We look forward to growing, celebrating, and valuing diversity together as employees of Northwestern Michigan College.

Watch the Intercom for “DEI: Insights and Conversations” where we plan to share DEI thoughts, challenges, and topics to get you thinking and keep you up to date on our projects.

Please fill out this DEI Intercom Post Feedback Form to be part of our conversation and offer feedback or suggestions on what is being shared.