For nearly a year, NMC has been engaged in a strategic project to address the PR, marketing and communications needs of the college and build stronger consumer-based brand equity for the entire institution. As we go through this process, all projects with branding implications need to be reviewed by PRMC, and all projects with new design and branding elements are on hold. This includes new logos, web designs, advertisements, swag, etc. All of NMC’s currently approved logos are on our Graphic Identity & Logos page at

This is a comprehensive process and we are currently in phase 1. Phase 3 includes a brand analysis and college-wide brand initiative. We need to coordinate this with information learned through the college’s upcoming strategic planning process, which is expected to be completed by the end of 2021. We’ve given updates on this work to President’s Council, Leadership Council and to all employees at the January conference, and we will continue to communicate updates and seek input from our stakeholders.

Enrollment for the college is our top priority and increasing consumer-based brand equity for the institution will help us advance that goal. We look forward to working with the college community during our college-wide brand initiative. This is a big undertaking but a necessary step in the process; thank you in advance for your assistance and patience. Please feel free to contact PRMC with any questions at