Dear Campus Community,

As I shared with you last week, the college and community lost a great champion with the passing of Mr. James Beckett.

This coming Thursday, June 4, the community is invited to help celebrate Jim’s life and tremendous contributions as part of a memorial tribute.

The family and funeral processional will travel from Reynolds-Jonkhoff Funeral home, past NMC’s Beckett Building (around 10:15am), then downtown on Union Street near St. Francis church (10:30-10:45am) to honor Jim on their way to the cemetery for a private service.

I hope many of us, as part of the NMC family, will be able to gather near the Beckett building at NMC (details below). If you can’t make that location, please feel free to join others along Union St. Of course, please be sure to maintain appropriate physical distancing (6’ apart) to stay safe!

Please note, this is a surprise for the family, so please do not share this information with family members. That said, if there are others who would want to be a part of this celebration, you are welcome to share with friends and colleagues.

Organizers encourage all of us to display flags representing our connection to Jim; I’ll be wearing my NMC logo gear! Rotary and/or American flags are also encouraged as we recognize his tremendous service to NMC, St. Francis, Rotary, and his military service.

I’ll look forward to seeing many of you this Thursday as we gather (at a distance) to celebrate Jim’s life. This will be a meaningful send-off for one of our greatest cheerleaders.

With appreciation,

Gathering Details:
We will gather in the back of the Beckett building beginning around 10:00am. The processional will enter campus near the Beckett building (expected around 10:15am) and turn around in the small parking lot there. Supporters are encouraged to gather wherever it is safe along that entrance and into the Beckett building parking lot – as shown by the highlighted areas on the attached map.

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