NMC will be upgrading the most commonly used conference rooms with a new Mitel telephone that offers high-definition quality audio. There is a significant upgrade in audio quality and it is quite noticeable. Over the next 2 days, I will be replacing conference phones as scheduling allows. The following conference rooms will receive a new phone: Osterlin 201, Tanis 140, Founder’s Hall 109, Beckett 130, UC Gray, UC 106, GLMA 231 and PS 106.

This new Mitel 6920 telephone (right) is different from older phones. It has the same features but the phone itself looks very different and will require a slight learning curve.

TRAINING: This is always difficult in trying to set up any training classes, due to the multitude of daily schedules. I recommend a brief training session (10-20 minutes at most) to go over the basics, including making a conference call. I will leave multiple user guides in the conference rooms and also attach the guides to this email. I have 2 training classes already scheduled during Staff Meetings, so that appears to be the best time for a quick class. Training isn’t necessary, just helpful. Please contact Dave Gates at 5-1110 to set up a training class or individual training if needed.

FYI – the old saucer units will not work on these new phones. If the need arises, we can address the issue, but for now, we are giving these new phones a trial run without the saucers. We are not replacing any other phones at this time.

Alison Thornton