1. Know what Spear Phishing is:  Spear Phishing is an email targeted at a specific individual or department within an organization that appears to be from a trusted source. It’s actually cybercriminals attempting to steal confidential information. Spear phishers are after more valuable data like confidential information, business secrets, and things of that nature. That is why a more targeted approach is required; they find out who has the information they seek and go after that particular person.
  2. Spear Phishing has been a reality at NMC lately.  We have seen suspicious links, .pdf documents, and purchase requests. To stay clear of these spear phishers, ALWAYS check the links in your emails!  In addition, take the time to Read and Print this Red Flags Document to reference so you know what else to look out for in ALL Emails to make sure they are legit!

Here is an infographic highlighting the differences between phishing and spear phishing.