Welcome to the NEW semester at Northwestern Michigan College! NMC has many systems and features available to help staff and students. The following tech tips are designed to inform you about the Google Suite, NMC Wifi, Network Drives, and Email-to-Print systems that NMC currently supports and how you can best make use of these features. Click on the link titles for more detailed information.

Google Suite

While on-site at NMC employees and staff are encouraged to use the Google Suite of online applications. Google Suite allows multiple users to access and edit documents in real time from any location with an internet connection. Considering this, Google Suite is recommended for any multi-user projects.

Collaborative Google Suite apps include the following and more…:

  • Docs: Docs is an online text editor, similar to Word. It is an excellent application for writing reports, papers and other documents.
  • Slides: Slides is an online Slideshow creator. Slides is similar to Microsoft PowerPoint.
  • Sheets: Sheets is an online spreadsheet editor, similar to MS Excel.
  • Drive: Google Drive is a file storage and sharing center where all G suite files are stored in the cloud.
  • Forms: Forms is unlike the other applications on this list, it has no Microsoft counterpart. Google Forms is an easy to use submission form editor, useful for creating submission applications, questionnaires, and other polling documents. Other uses include sign-in forms, quick quizzes, and information request forms. Google Forms can be configured to output data directly to a google sheets spreadsheet.

NMC Wifi

NMC’s wireless networks allow students, staff, and visitors to access the internet from anywhere on NMC’s campus. Staff and Students are also able to access network resources, using Workspace, such as their Q, S, and N drives.

  • Staff: This network is reserved for staff and faculty of NMC. This network requires a valid NMC ID and password upon connection.
  • Student: Similar to the staff network, this requires a valid NMC ID and password upon connection; however, both staff and students can log in to access this network.
  • Guest: This network is open to any user that would like to connect, however terms of service must be accepted before the network will connect.

Q, S, and N Network Drives

NMC has three types of networked storage available to users. All staff and students are allowed access to their personal storage drives through the Q drives.

  • Q:/ Drive:  This is your personal home directory.  
  • S:/ Drive: All staff members have access to this drive, which allows files to be shared between staff. Users are permitted access to certain shares of this drive, i.e., if a user is part of Human Resources, they would have access to all of their departmental shares. A user’s access rights are also dependent on what type of employee they are, i.e., supplemental/student employee, faculty or staff.
  • N:/ Drive: Available to select staff and students that share large files over the network, sometimes called Dropboxes, operates similarly to the S drive; however, shares located within are only available to select students and staff. Students and staff that need access to shares are given access only to the specific share that is required.


All computers at NMC are set up to connect to nearby printers; however, printing may be an issue when using laptops and non-NMC devices. Because of this issue, NMC has implemented many Email-to-Print enabled printers across the campus. These devices allow a user to email a document to print. Many publicly available printers on the campus are enabled to accept emails; however, some are not.

  • Orange Tag: To be sure if a printer is Email-to-Print enabled, an orange tag is placed on printers throughout the campus. Printers that support this feature are labeled on the orange tag as “Email-to-Print enabled.”
  • New Email: To print to these printers merely open your email program/website, and start a new email with the document of interest as an attachment.
  • Recipient: The recipient of this email will be the printer name (which is shown in bold letters and numbers on the orange printer tag) followed by an @nmc.edu email domain. For example, the printer labeled T51-KM will be accepting print jobs from the T51-KM@nmc.edu email address. (the printer address is not case sensitive)
  • Document: The Email-to-Print document will print after 60-90 seconds typically.

If you have questions or need more information, please contact the Technology Help Desk via one of the following methods:

  • Call 231-995-3020 – 24 hours a day/7 days a week for assistance
  • Visit Tanis 51 Help Desk
  • Visit Beckett 214 Help Desk and Open Lab
  • Chat via Chat Here – during regular Help Desk Hours