Thank you all for everything you do in pursuit of “Keeping Learning at the Center.”

Notable Accomplishments provided by Faculty and Staff

This section recognizes the good work being done and linkages to the Strategic Directions (SD) and Institutional Effectiveness Criteria (IE) are provided where possible.

  • The Extended Education Team hosted over 450 LIFE Academy students (those 50+), volunteers and presenters at our November 16 Campus Day at the University Center. This event involves area businesses and professionals, as well as highlights NMC/EES instructors and classes in our schedule. Classes ranging from global issues with Jack Segal, Planet Over Plastic with the Last Plastic Straw Ladies, The Aging Eye with Dr. U’ren, to Tax Planning in Retirement with Larry Flynn, and much more! We overwhelmingly receive “excellent” ratings for this day of Lifelong Learning. The next Campus Day will be Friday, May 10, 2019. (IE2)
  • Chris Hanna produced and edited six videos highlighting events and students from the Computer Information Technology program. Events included Industry Night Out, CIT Fun Night, Career Fair at the Hagerty Center, and the IT Olympics partnership with TBAISD. The videos will be used by the CIT department for internal and external promotional purposes. (IE2, IE3)
  • Due to the outstanding feedback received from the maritime industry regarding the performance of the stewards who graduated from the Great Lakes Culinary Institute and served an internship with GLMA, it was decided to create and recruit for a program for GLCI students who wish to sail on board U.S. merchant vessels after graduation. Towards this end, GLMA will work to make the training ship galley available for a class, and amend their USCG approval in order for GLCI students to receive the safety training required for an internship on an ocean going cargo vessel. (IE2)
  • Richard and Diana Milock have made a gift to create the Chef Fred and Linda Laughlin Scholarship. This scholarship will support students enrolled at the Great Lakes Culinary Institute and honors Fred and Linda Laughlin for their dedication to the students and all they did for the culinary program. (IE1, IE4)
  • Dave and Judy Pohlod established the Judith A. Pohlod Endowed Scholarship to provide financial assistance to an NMC female Commitment Scholar enrolled in the Commitment Scholarship Program. They shared their motivation with the NMC Foundation in this way, “The value of education cannot be overstated. As first generation students ourselves, we appreciate the many challenges these students face. This community is very fortunate to have NMC and its many resources here.” (IE1, IE2)

Activities of Note: Tim

  • I had lunch with 2018 Outstanding Alumni Trevor Tkach, his wife Trisha, and Paris Morse from the NMC Foundation, in honor of his award and importance to NMC.
  • Nancy and I continue to participate in the many events that showcase the talent within our community and NMC’s programs. We attended the NMC Jazz Ensemble on December 2 at the Milliken Auditorium, as well as the Garde Manger culinary dinner on December 7.
  • The Great Lake Culinary Institute and local American Culinary Federation chapter hosted a retirement party for Fred Laughlin on December 3 at Lobdell’s. Fred, who has been with the college since 1992, will retire at the end of this month. Thank you, Fred, for your years of service with the college, and congratulations on retirement!
  • Nancy and I, once again, enjoyed hosting you in celebration of the upcoming holidays. It provides us the opportunity to show our appreciation of the service and work of the Board of Trustees and NMC executive staff. I hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.
  • I had the opportunity to meet with the NMC Student Government Association, as I do each fall semester. Our discussion included my transition as I plan to retire in December 2019 and student input in the West Hall Innovation Center. I enjoy the opportunity to meet with SGA and look forward to our annual SGA/Board of Trustees Dinner in March where the SGA, Board of Trustees, and members of our executive staff have the opportunity to have conversation over dinner prior to the Board’s regular monthly meeting.
  • Thank you to trustees who were able to attend the NMC Holiday Party that took place this past Friday evening and was a wonderful get together for both current employees and retirees. Thank you to everyone who helped to plan the event and Hagerty Center staff for once again doing a fantastic job hosting. I wish everyone a restful and peaceful holiday season. Happy Holidays!

Legislative Issues

It has been an active lame duck session in Lansing. With only three more session days this week, the end is near. Last week saw significant activity on several pieces of legislation that we have been tracking. This included:

  • New Jobs Training Program Sunset Extension (HB 5697)—Heading to Governor Snyder for Signature. This legislation will extend bonding authority within the New Jobs Training Program to December 31, 2023. The authority currently expires at the end of this year.
  • Ballot Initiative Changes—Paid Sick Leave and Minimum Wage—Headed to Governor Snyder for Signature. The Legislature made significant changes to the two citizen initiated laws that had been approved earlier this fall. The changes include extending the time period by which the minimum wage would increase from 2022 to 2030 (and increase the minimum wage from $12/hour to $12.05/hour). Tipped wages were also held steady at 38% of the regular minimum wage. Earned Sick Time changes include lowering the maximum number of hours that can be earned from 72 to 40 hours and the rate at which those hours can be earned from 1 hour/30 hours worked to 1 hour/35 hours worked. The bill also exempts employers with less than 50 employees.
  • Part Time Student Retirement Fix (HB 6378) passed the House and was referred to the Senate Education Committee. This legislation would resolve outstanding liability related to payments for students that were erroneously omitted from the Michigan Public School Employees Retirement System.
  • Union Leave Time bills (SB 795 and 796) are in the House. These bills would ban union leave time in certain public contracts and paid union release or leave time.
  • Tree Ordinance Legislation (SB 1188)—Passed the Senate. This legislation has passed the Senate and is pending before the House Local Government Committee. If enacted, it would prohibit a local unit of government from adopting or enforcing a tree ordinance.

At the federal level, the lame duck session has been less eventful. However, we have been tracking the movement of several pieces of legislation including:

  • Farm Bill: Passed the House and Senate last week, expected to be signed by the President this week. Includes important funding authorizations for USDA Rural Development.
  • FAA Re-Authorization: Signed into law and creates the Community and Technical College Centers of Excellence in Small Unmanned Aircraft System Technology Training designation program. Applications are not yet being accepted, but we will be tracking this as it moves through the administrative rule making process.
  • Coast Guard Authorization: Signed into law and includes a provision from Senator Peters to create a Coast Guard Center of Expertise in the Great Lakes. We will be working with Senator Peters’ office on this as it also makes its way through the administrative rule making process.
  • FY19 Appropriations: 6 of the 12 FY19 Appropriations Bills have already passed, including education and workforce training funding bills. However there remains a chance for a partial government shutdown over border wall funding.


  • Monday, January 7—NMC Mid-Year Opening Conference, Hagerty Center
  • Wednesday, January 9—Board of Trustees Special Study Session, Hagerty Center
  • January 14—Board of Trustees Monthly Meeting, Hagerty Center
  • January 23—Chamber Distinguished Service Award Luncheon and Annual Meeting, Hagerty Center
  • January 25—Chamber of Commerce Annual Celebration, Hagerty Center