We had 15 NMC participants on team “Parliament of Hawk Owls” during Traverse City’s (largest ever) Smart Commute Week. Our team came in a respectable 7th place in the medium team division, logged a lot of smart commute miles, enjoyed some free breakfasts and had a lot of fun along the way!! Some of our teammates even raked in some cool prizes at the end. Thanks to those who participated:

  • Anna Bachman
  • Mary Beeker
  • Alan Beer
  • Jason Dake
  • Judy Druskovich
  • Terri Gustafson
  • Rochelle Hammontree
  • Kristy Jackson
  • Shayrrl McCready
  • Lisa Molmen
  • Craig Mulder
  • Iryna Narolska
  • Cari Noga
  • Dennis Schultz
  • David Weaver

I hope you can join us next year!