Families Against Narcotics was formed in 2011 to help communities bring awareness and solutions to the opioid epidemic. Support group meetings for the growing number of persons and families struggling with addiction issues, and those who have already lost loved ones, include resources for treatment and prevention. 

The event will take place June 21, at Traverse City’s Central United Methodist Church from  5:15 – 8:00 p.m. Our keynote speaker will be Judge Linda Davis, founder of F.A.N. She is also the Chair of Governor Snyder’s Opioid and Prescription Drug Task Force and has been called to the White House several times to consult with the President’s Commission on Opioid Abuse. She is a dynamic speaker and we are hoping that she will rally our community around F.A.N. and a new program she launched last year, Hope Not Handcuffs, which focuses on getting addicts into treatment. Our law enforcement agencies will be meeting separately with Judge Davis on Friday morning after the event to discuss Hope Not Handcuffs and how it can work in our community.