April 4, 2018, is National Walking Day. This is a great chance to get outside (weather permitting) and connect with your friends and family. Schedule some time with your coworkers to walk on April 4 . Walking can’t possibly be exercise, right? While walking itself is considered an activity of daily living, it can be structured in a way that meets the definition of exercise. In fact, a specific walking routine can help reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes and dementia. 

Try this: Track your steps for a week

  • Are you getting more or fewer steps than you thought?
  • Which days are better or worse?
  • Are there opportunities for you to have walking meetings with your teammates?
  • Consider setting a step goal for the end of the work day.

Making lifestyle changes can take time. Our Blue Cross® Blue Shield® of Michigan wellness coordinator recommends picking one change per week over the next month. Log in to your member account on bcbsm.com or through the Blue Cross mobile app and click on Health & Wellness to learn more about the health benefits of walking. You can also email our wellness coordinator, Chris Barr, at cbarr@bcbsm.com.