KUDOS- (praise or respect that you get because of something you have done or achieved) defined by Merriam-Webster.com

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Kudos to Sheila Rupp:  Sheila was able to rescue 7 feral cats (momma and 6 kittens) that were living outside of the Tanis building. She was able to take them to a foster family that will be able to socialize them as well as have them fixed and then they will be able to be adopted to loving homes. By doing so, Sheila was able to help protect NMC property while providing the kittens with the opportunity for a brighter future of not living under an air conditioner. She did this on her own time on the weekend.

Kudos to Sodexo Catering, Central Scheduling, Media Tech, and Facilities: HUGE thanks go to the very large group of people who made the August 1st Rotary Meeting an enormous success. All plans were made prior to the event, but as everyone knows, small changes are usually made on the fly during setup. Everyone involved never hesitated when a change was discussed and executed. From picnic table location, to wiring for sound, to securing posters and pull-up banners from the wind, to the perfect buffet station, to securing the walkway……NMC really shined and the Rotarians had a lovely cookout under the tent. Many thanks to ALL the folks who made it possible!

Kudos to Betsy Williams:  Pulled off an amazing, record breaking MLC conference last week at the Hagerty Center showcasing her leadership and event planning skills. Her efforts brought great recognition to NMC and our awesome community establishing us as a Lean force in the state.  KUDOS!!!

Kudos to NMC Grounds Crew:  A special kudos from a community member who walks her dog on main campus daily. She called in to let us know that she appreciates how beautiful our grounds are kept and gave a special nod to Michelle Yeider, Phil Trowbridge and Brian Lewis. She said she can tell how vested this crew is in keeping the grounds looking their best. Kudos to our Grounds crew. Your efforts are notice and appreciated not only by the NMC community but by our neighbors as well! Great Job!

Kudos to Sodexo Catering:  A huge thanks goes to the Sodexo team for once again doing a wonderful job on the college-wide picnic this year! Robert Scott, Roy Bartle-Thomas, Chef David Happala, Lynn Edson, Mary Dainton, Rob Russel, Casey Seagraves, Steve Anderson, Matthew McCann, & Diana Buchler each deserve our sincere appreciation for all of their hard work. The food was delicious, the setup and cleanup was perfect, and they do it all with a smile! Thank you, also, for being so easy to work with. We can’t wait until next year’s picnic!

Kudos to NMC Grounds Crew:  Kudos to Campus Services, in particular Brian Lewis, Phil Trowbridge, and Michelle Yeider, for their friendly assistance in setting up for the picnic. They moved picnic tables, not once, but twice, to create the perfect space for employees to gather to celebrate. Thank you for all of your hard work to make this event a success, and all you do throughout the year!