T’was the week before Christmas and across NMC
You can hear students shout, “No more classes for me!
They are loading their cars and returning their books
Dreaming of presents that will fill up a few empty nooks.

The faculty have graded final papers with speed
For those giving essays an impressive deed.
A night of support in the library found
You really can work in a building with sound.

We all find ourselves here on the shores of the Bay
Eating and drinking the evening away
Our colleagues and friends a team one and all
Worked tirelessly to find student success this past fall.

Now Kennard! Now Marilyn!
Now Michael and Ross.
On Rachel! On Chris!
On Douglas as well.
Your work as our new Board is given for free
Please know we value the service coming from thee.

Our contractors are placing new dorm walls with care
And this coming August we’ll find students there!
The Dennos is rattling and shaking as concrete is cast
And come sometime next fall will be completed at last.

Now I want you each to know how I feel
The way you change lives is a really big deal.
I can’t say it enough that I value you all
Thank you so much for another great fall.

As you visit with family or travel afar,
We’ll see you in January all ready to star.
Be safe and be rested and come back to us then
Because we’ll all be together and start over again.

Happy Holidays!

– NMC President Tim Nelson, from the 2016 NMC Holiday Party