Good morning,

In the wake of the MSU shooting from last night, we wanted to take the time to share some important resources available for any students impacted directly or indirectly by this tragedy.

The NMC Student Life Office on main campus has free personal counseling available for students (zoom or in person) between the hours of 8am -5pm Monday – Friday. Please call 231-995-1118 or email us at to schedule a time to talk with us.

In addition, two free after hours resources (available to anyone) include:

  • 24/7 crisis phone line – dial 988 to speak directly to a crisis counselor.
  • 24/7 crisis text line – text ‘HOME’ to 741741 to communicate with a volunteer crisis counselor.

Please take care of yourselves and each other during times like this.

Thank you,
Lisa Thomas

Lisa Thomas
Dean of Students
Northwestern Michigan College

“And so we lift our gazes not to what stands between us, but what stands before us.”
– The Hill We Climb by Amanda Gorman