Fall 2022 Curiosities seriesStories of Science – the newest installment of the library’s Curiosities discussion series – starts on February 2! Curiosities is a ‘book club’ for those of us who are wary of a cover-to-cover commitment but still want to talk about interesting stuff with fellow lifelong learners. 

As always, we’ll explore our selected topic for four consecutive weeks, meeting weekly for a freewheeling discussion on a curated set of articles, podcasts, and videos. We welcome students, staff, faculty, and community participants! 

Stories of Science
February 2–February 23, Thursdays, 3:15–4:15 p.m. @ NMC Library

Guest hosts Kristen Salathiel (English) and Nicole Speelman (Chemistry) explore seldom-told and oft-misunderstood stories of science and scientists. Like most good stories, science is full of unexpected twists, heroes and villains, happy accidents and dastardly deeds. Discover how some characters try to control the story, how seemingly minor players make major breakthroughs and the surprising ways stories of science continue to unfold today.