Fall 2022 Curiosities seriesCuriosities, the ‘book club’ for those of us who are wary of a cover-to-cover commitment but still want to talk about interesting stuff with fellow lifelong learners, returns with a star-studded cast of guest facilitators and a mix of in-person and virtual programs.

As always, we’ll explore each topic for four consecutive weeks, meeting weekly for a freewheeling discussion on a curated set of articles, podcasts, and videos. We welcome students, staff, faculty, and community participants! Register for multiple topics throughout the year or just the one that interests you most.

Students may be eligible to earn co-curricular credit for participating – ask your instructor or email us at library@nmc.edu to find out more!

Winter Session: Responding to Global Climate Change (w/ Traverse City International Affairs Forum)
January 19–February 9, Thursdays, 12–1 p.m. via Zoom

A bonus fifth Curiosities session this year in collaboration with Alex Tank at the Traverse City International Affairs Forum, following last spring’s collaborative Curiosities series on China. This winter we will explore climate change adaptation and mitigation efforts around the world spanning the local to the multinational. Topics will range from carbon use, capture and storage to resilient infrastructure and climate-driven migration.

Spring Session I: Stories of Science
February 2–February 23, Thursdays, 3:15–4:15 p.m. @ NMC Library

The scientific world is full of the weird and the wonderful! Join us – along with faculty guest hosts Kristen Salathiel (English) and Nicole Speelman (Chemistry) – to explore lesser known and seldom told stories of science and scientists. From happy accidents to dastardly deeds, marvels in the night sky to phantoms of the deep sea.

Spring Session II: Touring the Senses
March 2–March 23, Thursdays, 4–5 p.m. @ Various NMC Locations

Hearing, sight, smell, taste, touch: our senses mediate every moment of our relationships with others and the world around us. And yet, despite their deceptive familiarity, our tools of perception are wondrous and strange! How do they work, exactly? How (in)complete is our understanding of them? Let’s find out! Special interactive series featuring guest hosts Craig Hadley (Dennos Museum), James Morse (Culinary Institute), Leanne Baumeler (Disability Support) & Maria Ulrich (Audio Tech).