In general, animals are not allowed in any of NMC’s buildings across all of our campuses. However, the U. S. Department of Housing and Urban Development and the Fair Housing Act allow for exceptions to this policy as a reasonable accommodation for someone with a disability living in NMC housing, under certain conditions.

We are a no-pets-allowed campus. A pet is commonly known as an animal one keeps for companionship and is not considered a service animal or emotional support animal. Pets are not allowed anywhere on our campus (except outdoors under the control of their owner).

A service animal (primarily dogs) is trained to provide a specific service in support a person’s disability. They are not pets. Service animals are allowed on campus including in the classroom. For more information about service animals you can check out this article from the Center for Teaching and Learning.

Emotional support animals are not specially trained and are not pets. They are meant to offer a therapeutic benefit to someone with a mental or psychiatric disability and have been prescribed by their mental health provider as part of their treatment plan. Emotional support animals, when approved through the accommodation request process, are to remain in the housing unit and are not allowed anywhere else in campus housing or any campus location.

If you have any additional questions, please contact Leanne Baumeler at or (231)995-1929.