With the generous support of an Innovation Grant from the NMC Foundation, the OER Team is calling for applications for faculty interested in adapting a course they teach to use free and/or openly available course materials in lieu of texts from traditional publishers. Priority will be given to courses that fulfill requirements for the ASA degree pathway, and that have high enrollments, but all are encouraged to apply.

Selected applicants will receive a $750 stipend in two lump sums of $350, one to be disbursed at the beginning of the project and one upon successful completion. Participating faculty will also have sustained support from the OER Team as they identify, evaluate and adapt materials to suit their particular needs and course goals. Participants can choose to begin the work in January 2022 or May 2022, for completion by August 2022.

Open Educational Resources offer a way for instructors to meaningfully reduce barriers to education and send a strong message to current and prospective students that we are paying attention to the hard choices they face when it comes to affording college. What’s more, recent studies have indicated that OER adoption has strong implications for student success and persistence as well.

The past few years have seen a marked surge in both OER usage and creation, resulting in an ever better selection of high quality open course materials. If you are interested in this opportunity but have questions about availability of materials for your subject area, please email oer@nmc.edu.

Updated Application Deadline: Friday, Dec. 3

Apply here!