Good afternoon NMC community,

There have been a lot of recent updates at the state and federal levels to ease restrictions in COVID-19 safety protocols including lifting the mask and social distancing requirements for vaccinated individuals. On Monday, May 24, we also expect the state to announce additional plans to ease restrictions on masks and capacity limits starting in early June.

In light of the increase in vaccination rates, the decrease in COVID-19 cases and the changes in state and federal guidelines, starting Monday, May 24, NMC will move to Stage 3 of the reopening plan as we told you earlier this month.

With the changes in safety protocols, there may be activities that are allowable, but we may not yet be able to do at NMC for a variety of reasons, including staffing levels in some areas.

Scheduled summer classes will continue as planned and work that can be done remotely, may continue to be done remotely. In Stage 3, employees who have been working from home, who prefer to work on-campus will be able to do so and in-person meetings will be allowed.

The “Reimagining Work” committee is engaging with employees throughout the college to get a better understanding of the needs and opportunities to support flexible work while continuing to meet the needs of our students. Managers will assess the preferences and expectations of employees and stakeholders by June 1. Human resources will be sharing additional guidance by June 11.

Vaccines are widely available for those 12 and older. To schedule an appointment near you please visit

We will continue to communicate with you as this process evolves. You can find more information about NMC’s response to the coronavirus and resources at Thank you to everyone who helped keep our NMC community safe during the pandemic, and your continued support.

NMC Public Relations