Dear students, 

NMC is in the process of distributing $1 million our college received as part of the most recent federal coronavirus relief package.

On Monday, NMC awarded more than 900 students an average of $964 apiece in federal funding, which may be used for educational and emergency-related expenses. If you received an award, you were notified by email.

Automated awards ranged from $275 to $1,600 and were based on financial need and enrollment status. Students enrolled in at least 12 credits and who demonstrated greater financial need received higher amounts.  Eligible expenses include tuition, fees, housing, food, transportation, books, health care (including mental health care), technology and child care.

The funding is part of the COVID-19 relief funds Congress allocated to higher education in December 2020. NMC received $4.1 million total, of which $1 million was earmarked for direct student aid. Monday’s awards totaled $898,000, meaning 85 percent of the direct aid will be in the hands of students by Feb. 15.

About $164,000 in student funding remains to be spent. An application for those students who were not in the auto-award group is expected to be available by Feb. 18, and students will be notified by email. Awards are expected to be made by mid-March.

NMC has many resources to help you pay for college. Please contact Student Financial Services if you have questions.

NMC Public Relations