Happy holidays and congratulations on a successful fall semester! I hope soon you will have time to rest, relax and recharge. This year, that will be even more important than ever. That’s why we’ve prioritized closing the college between Christmas and New Year’s. I am looking forward to spending some time with my wife and daughters, and also some time outdoors hiking and reflecting on all we’ve faced this year. We’ve been so busy reacting to the urgency of the historic events, that we haven’t truly been able to understand the magnitude of what we’ve been through, and all we have accomplished for our learners and with each other.

As you know, I am a people person. I get my energy and my inspiration from seeing and talking with all of you, hearing your stories, learning about your families, your hobbies, your students and your team members. Your challenges make me want to break down hurdles so you have a smoother path ahead, your successes I want to shout from the rooftops! But even more than that, it’s the determination I see in your eyes when you are focused on how to make our college better and improve the lives of our students.

I see that same glint of determination in the eyes of our students as they’ve also been faced with incredible challenges this year. Whether it’s students from SGA, the commitment scholars program, Phi Theta Kappa, North Hall, Lobell’s or Parsons Stulen, they all have been so honest and heartfelt when they share with me how hard this year has been, and how much they miss things they used to take for granted. But the conversation never ends there. They always take a breath, their eyes focus in and they tell me how they remain committed to continuing toward their goals. I see that same look in your eyes. I am so proud of this spirit our students have, I also know they get that from each of you. It is part of who we are as a college community. That’s what has allowed us to not only rise to the challenges of this year, but I know will continue to propel us forward no matter how our world keeps changing. It is because of you that our students are successful, that our college is successful. And we must take the time to recognize and celebrate that, especially this year. We have more reasons than ever to be proud of who we are. I am so very proud of you.

Thank you, sincerely, for everything you do everyday. I am proud of what we have done together this year, and am excited to see what we can accomplish together in the new year and beyond! 


Nick Nissley, Ed.D. | President | Northwestern Michigan College | 231.995.1010