Good morning NMC community,

As we begin the fall semester it is important for you to know we are committed to your safety. In addition to the safety measures highlighted at, we will be monitoring the COVID-19 pandemic closely and its potential impact at NMC. Despite our safety efforts, we may see cases on campus this semester. If we do, we will report them to you via email and on the COVID-19 cases webpage to keep you aware of possible campus exposures. We are also developing a dashboard for that same webpage to monitor the impact of the virus on our campuses. In addition to that, we want you to know what information we are monitoring that may influence the College’s reopening stage. You can read that information below.

For the latest updates and additional resources, please visit It will take all of us working together to limit the spread of the virus on our campuses and have fewer restrictions sooner. If you have questions or feedback, we want to hear from you. Please use the Coronavirus Information Feedback Form.

Thank you

Decision Triggers for Discussion of Closure, Partial Closure and/or On-Campus Reduction

To support the goal of student, employee and community safety, the NMC Reopening Committee has developed guidelines for monitoring the coronavirus pandemic and its potential impact. These guidelines cover most situations and will be revised as our understanding of COVID-19 changes. This is an evolving situation and NMC has many unique programs and departments. This document is designed to set out a broad, campus-wide view and may require adjustments to meet the needs of specific areas, in collaboration with the Reopening Committee. These guidelines are intended to decrease the risk of disease spread, but cannot eliminate all risk. We encourage NMC partners and affiliated organizations to consider these as well.

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