Dear NMC students:

We understand that the conversion to online coursework can be challenging. Our primary goal is to help you be successful in your current courses and earn the credits you have worked toward so far this semester. NMC has also compiled a list of resources to help you succeed in your studies.

At this time, we wanted to provide information/clarification on some of the options available to you:

  • Grading: Discuss this with your instructor. “I” (incomplete) may be given to students who have continued to work on the course, but are not able to complete all assignments by the end of the semester. Read more about incomplete grades here. This summer, we are planning to ensure that you will be supported to complete any ‘incomplete’ work, if needed.
  • Other Grading Considerations: NMC is not currently pursuing using pass/fail instead of letter grades. This is because most of our students will transfer to a 4-year college or university and those institutions have not committed that they will accept pass/fail credits at this time.
  • Course Withdrawals/Drops: The last date to drop spring main session courses is now May 2, 2020. The drop date was extended so that you would have more time to make a decision about dropping. Any drops between now and May 2 are considered “drop with record”. This means that you will get a grade of W (withdrawal) on your transcript as a record that you attended part of the course. This will not affect your grade point average. However, we know that instructors are committed to your success, and are doing everything to help support you in completing the course!
  • Refund requests for dropped courses: The refund date for the semester has already passed, but you can make a refund exception request using this form. We have streamlined the process and will not require additional documentation for COVID-19 related issues. You may submit your request at any time, but in order to process COVID-19 related refunds where aid is involved, we are waiting on guidance from the State of Michigan and Federal Student Aid.
  • Emergency Financial Needs: Please email Student Financial Services at if you have any COVID-19-related emergency financial needs (please be specific). We are collecting information to understand our students’ needs in anticipation of potential emergency funding.
  • Testing (for exams etc.): Your instructors will be communicating about testing/exams. Again, while initially, the online learning environment might be more challenging for you, stick with it, and know that your instructor is there to support your success.

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to your instructor or use this feedback form.

Thank you.